Staying at the Chateau

Filming and photographic shoots

Attitude Magazine photographic shoot

The chateau provides a wonderful backdrop for film or photographic shoots.  Because of the variety of locations within the chateau and its grounds it would be possible to do at least three different themed shoots in the same location.

We have three floors of sumptuously decorated rooms plus an attic floor which has been untouched since the 1890's.

Attitude magazine photo shoot

There is a large barn with an amazing wood-beamed roof, which could provide a ready made, authentic backdrop.

The grounds are extensive and encompass manicured lawns, flower beds and swimming pool area. There is also a tree covered alleyway leading down into woodland with an unmade lane alongside. One of the square towers of the chateau has been made into a terrace which allows views across the roof tops and into the garden as well as the surrounding country side. There are many other interesting buildings nearby which are easily accessible.

The chateau has been featured in several house interiors magazines both in England and Italy and the latest shoot that was was for Attitude Magazine – twenty pages of Spring/Summer men's fashion.

Attitude magazine photo shoot

An added attraction for photographers or film crew is that they can usually be accommodated onsite saving both time and money. 

prices for Filming and photographic shoots

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