Staying at the Chateau

Special events

The chateau makes a great location for any special event in your life. Because of the size, we can offer 5 extra suites in additional to the normal 7, thus allowing 30 people to stay together.

That special birthday

We have done events for those special birthdays from 21 to 70! We have an address book of local musicians ranging from French country accordion players to operatic stars from the Bolshoi. We can theme your party to whatever is your particular obsession; vintage cars, historical costume, rock and roll or wine appreciation. We have close contacts with a range of fabulous chefs, all of whom are happy to come to the chateau to create a fabulous gourmet feast for you and your guests.

Weddings and Civil Partnerships

We are often asked about weddings and civil partnerships at the chateau and have done both gay and straight ceremonies here. It is quite complicated for non French residents to be married under the French system so for those clients we recommend that you conduct a civil ceremony in the UK before coming to the chateau for that special exchange of vows and following celebration. For further information visit Chateau du Ludaix Weddings and Civil Partnerships.

Special events prices

Please contact us to discuss your special event.